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Glasgow Square Green Room Sessions


Picture this: An intimate listening room experience with breathtaking views of New Glasgow’s East River at sunset, featuring performers and songwriters from across Nova Scotia, including local artists from right here in our beautiful hometown.

Glasgow Square Green Room Sessions invite you to step behind the curtain and venture backstage for a series of personal and exclusive performances that allow songs, stories, and connection to thrive between artist and audience. These sessions focus on promoting East Coast talent, with each installment featuring two stripped-down sets of music from singer-songwriters or small groups.

Tickets are very limited, with only 35 seats available for each night.

Please note that while all ages are welcome to attend, alcohol will be served.

Tickets for all sessions are available now at, or by calling us at 902-752-4800.


Thursday, May 12: Mat Brennan and Steven Travis Auld

Green Room Session May 12 Social


Pictou County native Mat Brennan’s guitar driven groove rock is passionate, melodic and comfortably haunting. The musical tales are woven together with purposeful and well-articulated writing and Mat’s charming delivery is as entertaining to watch, as it is to hear.

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Steven Travis Auld is a Nova Scotia born and raised singer songwriter whose music is without borders. Influences of blues, country, folk and rock drive his vocal styles and song choices; Steven loves to please the crowd and tries to ensure they get just as much joy from the show as he does. Whether it's a kitchen party, a bonfire, or a big stage, you can expect an intimate performance and crowd interaction.

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Thursday, May 26: Lynn DeCoste and Karol Brown

Green Room Session May 12 Social


Piano songstress Lynn DeCoste is a veteran performer across a multitude of genres, Lynn is known locally for her work with female pop trio Ferrona, 80’s tribute group Hot Mess, as well as with popular dance band Neon Soul Machine. Most recently, Lynn has been making waves as the frontwoman and bandleader for indie-rock powerhouse project Not Like Yesterday.

Lynn’s powerful solo show highlights the original music and lyrics that she’s penned over many years of performing; listen as she shares with you the stories and the songs that have helped to define her musical career.

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Born to a lobster fishing family on the beaches of the Northumberland Strait, Karol Brown provides a melodic, lyric-driven, dive into her mind when she performs her original songs.

Channeling inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, and Taylor Swift. Karol music fills the room like the smell of a warm casserole, with the sounds of her lived experiences creating the crusty topping (everyone's favourite part).

Having released her first full album in 2018 (Made My Own), Karol is now studying engineering at Dalhousie University, however that hasn't slowed down her songwriting. Karol managed to make some time to get into the studio and released her first EP, entitled Dawn, this spring. The collection of songs contains three tracks that are reflective of acceptance, growth, and springtime. Dawn is available for digital purchase and streaming on all platforms.

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Thursday, June 9: Alex MacNeil and Matt Steele

Green Room Session May 12 Social


Bubble gum is a patchwork of flavours: banana, pineapple, wintergreen, cinnamon and clove. Odd bedfellows, but the result is sweet. Alex MacNeil (formerly Alexander and the Great Ones) has retooled his band with bubblegum in mind.

His upcoming release Far Out Man, coming in 2022 is full of Saccharine melodies over big beats that evoke 1967 and collide with Alex’s rough voice to produce psychedelic crooning. His guitar playing crackles and sparks like a blown transformer.

A party band? Maybe. Yet for the consummate bopper and excitable poet, joy is rendered from the senses for thirty minutes to an hour. Much like chewing a stick of gum.

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An American-born singer-songwriter who wandered his way along the North American highways to Halifax NS, Matt Steele explores love and life with a whimsical nod to the nostalgia of seventies power pop. He draws from his southern Kentucky roots with a slight vocal drawl, while clearly embracing Canadiana in his sonic delivery. When the pandemic put a pause on the hectic power pop rave-ups with his band The Corvette Sunset, it proved a good time to showcase the rootsier, lighter songs within his songwriting catalog. His latest single, “Falling Asleep at the Metal Show”, was produced by Thomas Stajcer and features harmonies by Mo Kenney, and was nominated for The Coast Magazine’s Best Music Video of 2021.

In 2022, Matt released Heavy Metal Self Help, a free activity book and resource for Nova Scotians from alternative rock music subcultures who wish to practice self care, discover or develop healthy leisure activities, and connect to communities that can offer support.

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Thursday, July 7: Andre Pettipas and Elyse Aeryn

Green Room Session May 12 Social


Known for his hooks, live performance and fronting “Grease Coast Rock N’ Roll” band, Andre Pettipas and The Giants; There is only one word that comes to mind when you see Andre onstage: showman. Musical talent aside, this young man has presence that is reminiscent of a young Brian Setzer, working the stage and the room with an irresistible charisma. It’s not all theatrics with these boys though, they do have the musical chops to go with it.” -B Lynn Hartling/Canadian Beats

After winning 2017’s Q104 Homegrown Challenge, Andre Pettipas and The Giants showcased at numerous industry shindigs, including Canadian Music Week in Toronto and the 2018 Live at Heart festival in Sweden, and toured relentlessly.

Along the way, they’ve gained a reputation as an incredibly tight live act, and as a band that routinely crank out the kind of eminently hooky, sing a long, anthems that stick in your mind and just won’t let go – a reputation that not only got producer Brian Moncarz’s (Alice Cooper, Our Lady Peace) attention but drew a variety of talented and enthusiastic musical guests to the table on their new album 'No Fools, No Fun.'

With their 'take no prisoners' live performances, stellar musicianship, and habit of finding grist for the songwriting mill in everything from southern rock to pop and prog, Andre Pettipas and The Giants are a rarity – an act who absolutely refuse to let anything take the fun out of their creative process and performances on record or on stage, and with absolutely no fear of stepping outside of the box to get their message across.

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Elyse Aeryn is emerging on the Canadian music scene with a fresh yet nostalgic sound. Influenced by rock classics like Stevie Nicks while capturing the essence of 90s female vocalists like Alanis Morissette and Natalie Merchant, Aeryn is blending the decades to mix up an alternative-country-rock cocktail that will have you asking for a double.

With a big sound and an undeniable stage presence, her and guitarist Garrett Taylor serve up an engaging live experience as they fuse powerful vocals and electrifying riffs.

After leaving the corporate world to pursue a passion for songwriting, music production, and performing, Aeryn is wasting no time. Sharing the stage with the likes of Andre Pettipas and The Giants, Roxy and The Underground Soul Sound, The Town Heroes, and more, expect to hear more of Elyse Aeryn as she makes a name for herself across the Maritimes and beyond.

Watch for Elyse Aeryn’s first full length album in early 2023 with the next single "Wildcard" releasing this May.

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